Volume 4, Issue 1

Investigation of Plasma Electrolytes Levels in selected Uterine Cancer Patients

Koleayo Omoyajowo1, Modupe Asaolu2, Olapeju Adenekan3, John Ogidan4, Kayode Olaniyan5, Ifeoluwa Idowu6, and Julie Akande7
1National Centre For Technology Management, Lagos, Nigeria, 2Ekiti State University, Ado-ekiti, Nigeria, 3National Centre For Technology Management, Lagos, Nigeria, 4National Centre For Technology Management, Lagos, Nigeria, 5Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency,lagos, Nigeria, 6Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency,lagos, Nigeria, and 7Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency,lagos, Nigeria


The balance of electrolytes in humans is not only considered pivotal for normal functioning of cells and organs but to recover from many metabolic disorders. Cancer patients are generally at risk for electrolyte imbalances from a myriad of causes. This study was undertaken to estimate electrolytes levels in uterine cancer patients and that of controls (healthy individuals). Clinical parameters were collected after obtaining informed consent from both patients and controls. Thus, venous fasting blood samples of freshly diagnosed uterine cancer patients and controls were collected to estimate electrolytes namely sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), chloride (Cl-), inorganic phosphate (PO43-) and bicarbonate (HCO3-). Na, K, Cl and PO43-were analysed spectrophotometrically (colorimetry) while HCO3- was biochemically analysed by titration. Results obtained in this study shows a significant increase (P<0.05) in the level of PO43- and Na+ in uterine cancer patients as compared with the control. However, a significant decrease was observed in the level of Cl- and HCO3- in uterine cancer patients when compared with controls. There was no significant difference in K+ level observed in both uterine cancer patients and controls. The evidence of associations between electrolyte imbalances and risk of developing uterine cancer as observed in this study are of particular importance in the prognosis, diagnosis and management of uterine cancer.

Keywords: Electrolytes, Electrolyte Imbalance, Plasma, and Uterine Cancer

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