Volume 4, Issue 1

Assessment of Software Project Proposal using Analytical Hierarchy Process: A Framework

Boluwaji Akinnuwesi1, and Faith-michael Uzoka2
1Lagos State University, Nigeria, and 2Mount Royal University, Canada


Introduction: Application software helps organizations to perform effectively and efficiently in the competitive environment and hence provide value-added services to customers. High significance of application software stimulates organizations to carrying out thorough evaluation of software project proposals that vendors submit with the view of selecting best proposal with optimal performance when implemented. This process entails a number of assessment criteria, multiple conflicting goals, and increasingly turbulent environment. Therefore the need arises for the use of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for assessment. Aim: This research focused on development of AHP based model for software project proposal assessment and select proposal that guarantees optimal performance when implemented. Materials and Methods: AHP process was divided into 3 phases: Decomposition phase for identification of decision alternatives and evaluation criteria; Measurement of Preference phase for identifying relative importance of criteria using pairwise comparison matrix; and Synthesis phase to establish percentage of relative priorities for ranking proposals and select the best. Results: 64 variables were established and were hierarchically arranged into 4 levels based on degree of preference. It was evident from the priority graph that functionality (35.26%), quality (22.00%) and usability (19.34%) had the higher priority weights, while cost (2.47%) and vendor services (6.26%) had the least. Conclusion: AHP based software project proposal evaluation framework was presented whereby functionality, quality and usability have more consideration than cost elements in the assessment of software projects. Future work attempts to include organizations size, type of business, and experience criteria in the AHP model and implement the framework.

Keywords: Analytical Hierarchy Process, Software Project, Evaluation, Selection, Organization, and Multiple Decision Variables

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