Volume 4, Issue 1

Evaluation of some chemical disinfectant formulations against Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus species from poultry and poultry environment

Adebayo Grillo1, and Nurudeen Olasupo2
1Lagos State University, Nigeria, and 2Lagos State University, Nigeria


Abstract Introduction: Diskol, Iodasteryl and Morigad are disinfectant formulations commonly used in the poultry industry in Nigeria to prevent infections of birds. Aim: The formulations were evaluated for effectiveness in controlling the growth of bacterial isolates from poultry and poultry environment. Materials and Methods: The bacteria were isolated from water, feed, litter materials, and cloacae swabs, and were identified using the Analytical Profile Index kits. The disinfectant evaluation was carried out using the kill kinetics method at 0.5X, 1X and 1.5X the manufacturer’s recommended dilutions. Results: The pseudomonads had percentage occurrence of Pseudomonas putida (25) > P. mendocina (20) > P. aeruginosa (15), P. stutzeri (15), P. fluorescens (15) > P. shigelliodes (10), while the staphylococci had Staphylococcus lentus (78.26) > S. sciuri (13.04) > S. aureus (8.70). Diskol and Morigad recorded 8 log1010 reduction (i.e. 100% kill) at the 3 concentrations against all the Pseudomonas isolates at 10 min contact time but were only able to achieve same at 1X and 1.5X against the staphylococci. At 0.5X, however, both Diskol and Morigad were only able to achieve 8 log10 reduction (100% kill) of all Staphylococcus sp. at 30 min except against S. sciuri SN3 where Diskol achieved same record at 10 min. The best performances of Iodasteryl were less than 100% kill even at 8log 10 reduction against P. putida FaF12, P. mendocina FaW48, P. stutzeri FaM35, and P. shigelliodes FbM36 at 1.5X and 60 min and 7.99log 10 reduction at 1.5X and 60 min against S. lentus SN1, S. lentus SN2, S. sciuri SN3, S. sciuri SN4 and S. aureus SM2. All disinfectants demonstrated increasing activity with increase in time and concentration. Conclusion: The study indicated the potential of the disinfectants in elimination of some bacteria of public health significance thus justifying their use in the control of poultry infections.

Keywords: Diskol, Morigad, Iodasteryl, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Disinfectants, and Poultry

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