Volume 8, Issue 1

Heavy Metals Concentration In Underground Water And Its Environmental Health Effects: A Case Study Of Solous Dumpsite, Igando, Lagos

Olabisi Ogunrinola1, Olu Joshua2, and Babajide Elemo3
1Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria, 2Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria, and 3Lagos State Unive, Ojorsity, Nigeria


Introduction: Contaminated water is linked to diseases worldwide. Aims: To investigate the heavy metals concentration in underground water around the Solous dumpsite in Igando Lagos State, Nigeria and its effect on human. Materials and Methods: water samples from 12 different locations within a distance range of 0.07 - 0.72 km was collected. And a structured questionnaire was administered to 120 respondents to find out their perceptions about the dumpsite environment and ill-health effect of their drinking water. The physicochemical parameters was measured and heavy metals concentration of the water samples were determined using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Results: The water samples from the 12 sites contains heavy metals concentrations: Lead (Pb) (0.08-1.20mg/L), Cadmium (Cd) (0.03-0.08mg/L), Iron (Fe) (1.4-12.3mg/L), Nickel (Ni) (0.08-0.19mg/L), Zinc (Zn) (0.05-0.13mg/L) and Manganese (Mn) (0.01-0.04mg/L) respectively. It was revealed that age, educational qualification and year of living in the community of the respondents explain a significant amount of the variance in the value of the perception of the respondents on effect of heavy metal contamination. The result shows that over 75% of the respondents was not sure of any prior ailment linked to any heavy metal contamination affecting anyone among them. Conclusion: all water samples collected were contaminated by heavy metals and respondents using this water are ignorant of the danger. Thus, there is a need for proper provision of safe alternative water supply to the dumpsite community for domestic use and awareness on environmental heavy metal toxicity from drinking water to avert global health challenges.

Keywords: Heavy metal, Dumpsite, Water, Respondents, and Solous

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