Volume 5, Issue 1

Stimulating Diffusion of Bio-based Products: The Role of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Approach.

Oluwaseun J. Oguntuase1, Oluwatosin B. Adu2, and Oluwafemi S. Obayori3
1Centre For Environmental Studies And Sustainable Development (cessed), Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria, 2Department Of Biochemistry, Lagos State Univeristy, Nigeria, and 3Department Of Microbiology, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria , Nigeria


Introduction: Escalating environmental challenges have necessitated the adoption of bio-based products. The social interface between these products with low environmental impacts and the society is a dynamic site where different stakeholders, forms of knowledge, interests and powers interplay. Scientists must navigate these factors for bio-based products to become acceptable in the society. Aims: This review explores the suitability of responsible research and innovation (RRI) as an inclusive approach to research and innovation to support the adoption and diffusion of bio-based products in the society. Method: The study was essentially based on a desk review of relevant academic papers on bio-based products, bio-based economy, bioeconomy and, responsible research and innovation (RRI) from year 2012 - 2018, with reference to other publicly accessible documents and publications. Results: The review shows that despite their potentials for contributing to greener environment and sustainability, bio-based products remain controversial. Results also show that embedding RRI dimensions in development of bio-based products “from lab to market” will help build trust among stakeholders in the relevant value chain, which is a pre-requisite for the diffusion of these products in the society. Conclusion: The main conclusion of this paper is that identifying and engaging stakeholders, the publics and their concerns when developing bio-based products will ensure the products are relatively uncontested and will diffuse better throughout the society

Keywords: Bio-based products, Bio-based economy, and Responsible research and innovation

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