Volume 5, Issue 1


Surukite O. Oluwole1, Mautin Lawrence Ogun2, and Olusesan O. Balogun3
1Department Of Botany, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria, 2Department Of Botany, Lagos State University, Ojo,, Nigeria, and 3Department Of Botany, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria


Introduction: Climate change is an ecological challenge faced by the whole world especially Lagos state. This has resulted into water stress problems faced by plants and animals; thus, reducing their availability, production and yield. Aim: Talinum triangulare (water leaf) growth is hinged on the availability of optimum water in soil. It is against this that this requirement study tends to determine the effects of different watering regimes on the growth of water leaf. Materials and methods: Seeds obtained from Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply, Ojo, Lagos State were planted in pots filled with loamy soil. Watering regime experiments viz adequately watered (control), moderately water stressed, strongly watered stressed and very wet were carried out on the growth of T. triangulare for 7 weeks at the greenhouse, Department of Botany, Lagos State University. Results: The data collected were analyzed and results revealed that the adequately watered (control) and moderately water stressed (dry treated) seedlings performed better in terms of stem height, root and shoot dry weight, number of leaves and total biomass. The strongly watered stressed seedlings also experienced growth which was rapid initially but later slowed down abruptly. The very wet treated seedlings had stunted growth but flowered first alongside the strongly watered stressed seedlings. It was also observed that the control and strongly water stressed seedlings contained higher mineral nutrients. Conclusion: Adequately watered (control) and moderately water stressed (dry treated) treatments are the best watering regimes for the growth of T. triangulare.

Keywords: Watering regime, Water stress, Talinum triangulare, Growth, and Mineral nutrient

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