Volume 5, Issue 1

Ethno-botanical survey, review and informatics of medicinal plants used by indigenous people of Lekki, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria

Korede.c Taiwo1, Sunday.c.o Makinde2, Anthony.b Ojekale3, Margaret.a Sowunmi4, Opeyemi Oyetunji5, and Malik.o Lasisi6
1University Of Ibadan, Nigeria, 2Lagos State University, Nigeria, 3Lagos State University, Nigeria, 4University Of Ibadan, Nigeria, 5University Of Ibadan, Nigeria, and 6Lagos State University, Nigeria


Background: The use of medicinal plants (herbal) is common among the rural populace in most countries, Nigeria inclusive. Aim: The present investigation is a survey of ethnopharmacology of medicinal plants and preparations used to manage common ailments within the people of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Method: Respondents from two rural communities (Lekki Oke and Isale Lekki) were used for this study. Results: The survey results returned 43 plants as been commonly used medicinal plants. About 28 (44%) of these had scientific data backing their medicinal usage. Nutraceuticals account for about 37 (58%) of the plants surveyed. About three quarters (74%) of the surveyed plants have multiple uses with verified data corroborating these. The leaves and roots (20%) are the most commonly employed parts of the plant for medicinal treatment, while the stem and whole plant are the least used (2%). Decoction (35%), concoctions (20%) and macerations (17%) are the most common preparation modes of the plant extracts. Conclusion: The study data and informatics therein showed that with advancement in extraction, analytical and evaluation techniques, empirical data are confirming the efficacy of these herbs used by the locals. The culture and traditions of the Lekki people in the use of herbals for health management is further affirmed with this survey. The culture and traditions of the Lekki people in the use of herbals for health management is affirmed with this survey.

Keywords: Ethno-botanical, Survey, Medicinal plants, Herbals, and Lekki

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