Volume 6, Issue 1

Diagnostic Petiole Anatomical Characters and their Systematc Importance in eighteen (18) species of the genus Tephrosia PERS (fabaceae) found in Nigeria

Omoteso Oluwa1, Dele Olowokudejo2, and Oluwatoyin Ogundipe 3
1Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria. , Nigeria, 2University Of Lagos , Nigeria , and 3University Of Lagos , Nigeria


A comprehensive systematic investigation on diagnostic petiole characters of eighteen species of Tephrosia, from family Fabaceae, tribe Milleteae. It habits the fringes often forests, and abandoned, and wastelands. A total of nine diagnostic polymorphic characters were observed, photographed, assessed,scoredand coded as Data matrix for quantitative statistical treatment. The 9 characters codes include PSY, POL, PVS, PPT, and PTE. others include PTA, PTO, PTC, and PTB. Principal Components Analysis (PC) and Cluster Analysis were carried out. Four PC were identified and Cluster analysis indicates twelve hierarchies.

Keywords: Petiole , Anatomy , and Identification

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