Volume 5, Issue 1

Euler’s Equations of Rigid Body: Its Control and Synchronization using Active Control and Recursive Backstepping methods.

Cornelius Ogabi1, Babatunde Idowu2, Abiola Ogungbe3, Eugene Onori4, Olufunmilayo Ometan5, and Aghogho Ogwala6
1Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos, Nigeria, 2Lagos State University, Ojo , Nigeria, 3Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria, 4Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria, 5Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria, and 6Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria


We present Euler’s Equation of Rigid Body, its control and synchronization using active control and recursive backstepping methods. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, control laws are derived to synchronize the chaotic system and also to control to a steady state as well as track to a desired function via recursive backstepping methods. Numerical simulation are shown to verify the results.

Keywords: Euler's Equations, Dynamical systems, Active control, and Recursive Backstepping

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